Spain and Portugal Resorts

Spain and Portugal Resorts On the Iberian Peninsula in the extreme southwest of Europe, Spain and Portugal are bordered on the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea and on the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean - which means plenty of coastline for beach resort vacations in the warm-weather months!

But Spain and Portugal have plenty more to offer than its temperate Mediterranean climate and oceanfront resorts. Consider the phenomenal art museums in Barcelona and Madrid, ancient mosques, palaces and castles in Cordoba and Granada, and the tropical islands rich in nightlife off of both countries' coasts. Delicious cuisine you may sample on the Iberian Peninsula includes paella, chorizo, tortillas (egg omelets), a variety of olives, shellfish and seafood, plus sangria and port wine.

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Narrow your Spain and Portugal vacation

Andorra Resorts
Andorra is actually a landlocked country on the border of Spain and France and nestled in the Pyrenees Mountains. Home to many luxury resorts, as well as more budget-friendly accommodations, Andorra is a delightful place for hiking and skiing in the nearby mountains. Shopping for duty-free products is also high on many visitors' to-do lists!
Barcelona Resorts
This city with a rich cultural heritage also boasts a lovely Mediterranean climate. Barcelona is the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia, incorporating in its modern street grid Roman remains, medieval districts and beautiful examples of 20th-century and avant-garde art. Here you can visit the many museums, such as the Picasso Museum, relax on the stretches of beach, or sample the plentiful seafood dishes accompanied by delicious local wine.
Bilbao Resorts
Home to the world-famous Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao is one of the major cities of the Basque Country. Just a few miles from the Cantabrian Sea, Bilbao has many seaside resorts. Enjoy the traditional cuisine here, including going out for "pintxos" (little toasted bread appetizers) at local taverns.
Cordoba Resorts
One of the main sights in this richly historic city is the massive and ornate mosque that was later transformed into a cathedral. See the fortified walls, the old Jewish quarter, many parks and gardens, and scenic narrow streets, including one that is a photographer's delight: Calle des las Flores or "street of flowers."
Granada Resorts
Most visitors to this city in southern Spain do not leave the area without touring the Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs. Granada was the last city to be conquered by the Catholics in the late 1400s, so it has a distinct Arab air to it. Shop for ceramics, silver and intricate woodwork in the many streetside markets.
Ibiza Resorts
This island in the Mediterranean Sea off of Spain's east coast is known for its festive and vibrant nightlife. But beyond the parties and bustling nightclubs are 50 stunning beaches, a beautifully preserved medieval center, and pretty landscapes of olive, fig and date groves. The small island boasts a lovely climate: 300 days of sunshine a year!
Lisbon Resorts
On the southwest coast of Portugal, Lisbon is often called the "Sunniest Capital in Europe." Belem Tower is probably its best known landmark; this sixteenth-century fortress was the starting point for many Portuguese explorations, and the last sight sailors would see as they left their homeland. Another famous sight: the magnificent Jeronimos Monestary. For children, Lisbon's Oceanarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world, is especially entertaining.
Madeira / Funchal Resorts
Off the coast of Portugal, Madeira Island is known, naturally, for its Madeira wine, as well as its talented embroidery artisans. With miles of coastline, Madeira has loads of beaches and picturesque seaside villages. The island is volcanic in nature, and you can learn about its origin at the Volcanic Center, where you can also walk through lava tubes and a series of volcanic caves.
Madrid Resorts
The capital of Spain and its largest city, Madrid is a booming metropolis with many important historic landmarks, such as the huge Royal Palace of Madrid. The art and archaeological museums here are outstanding, as is the cuisine. Enjoy sampling tapas at the many bars and restaurants, people-watching in its main square, Playa Mayor, and if your game, hitting the vibrant nightclub scene and eating chocolate con churros in the wee hours.
Malaga Resorts
A port city in southern Spain, Malaga is along the famous Costa del Sol on the Mediterranean Sea. Stay at one of the oceanfront resorts, play golf during the day and enjoy fresh seafood and gazpacho at night.
Marbella Resorts
Pretty Marbella along Spain's southern coast, the Costa del Sol, is known as a playground for the rich and famous. The architecture in the historic part of town, on a lovely bay, features white-washed houses and orange trees dotting the streets.
Oviedo / Asturias Resorts
The region of Asturias in the north is on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea. It is known for its fresh and delicious seafood, as well as a savory white-bean stew. With many apple groves in the region, a typical alcoholic drink is a hard cider. The capital city Oviedo is a picturesque city, whose main sights include a Gothic cathedral and a pre-Romanesque church.
Palma de Majorca Resorts
Palma is the capital Majora island in the Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain. The origins of the city pre-date the Roman era, though the modern-day nightlife is vibrant. Find luxury properties in the middle of town or mega resorts on the Bay of Palma. Plus mountains to hike, lovely told towns to explore and beautiful coves to retreat in.
Porto Resorts
Explore the northwest coast of Portugal from your resort in Porto. In the area, you might relax on the cosmopolitan beach of Espinho, visit the busy port of Matosinhos for splendid seafood, or sightsee in a traditional fishing village, such as Povoa de Varzim, also home to a cosmopolitan casino. Be sure to sample the famous port wine of the Duoro region.
Seville Resorts
Known as the artistic and cultural center of southern Spain, Seville is built on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. It is heir to a rich Arab legacy, where flamenco, fiestas and bullfighting are a part of the everyday tapestry of life in Seville. One must-see is the city's cathedral, one of the largest medieval Gothic cathedrals in the world.
Valencia Resorts
On the scenic east coast of Spain, Valencia offers visitors many stretches of beach and ocean that is ideal for sailing. See remains of a Roman forum and be sure to visit the 14th-century Silk Exchange building and its Gothic architecture, a World Heritage Site.